Protein Brownies

Vegan, Gluten, dairy and refined sugar free!
If you have a sweet tooth and always need a snack nearby than this is for you!


I always struggle if I don’t have something to snack on. I end up eating crap if I fail to prepare all my meals and snacks.

This brownies are absolutely gooey heaven, perfect texture and not sickening at all ūüėČ

  • 2 medium sweet potatoes
  • 8-10 pitted dates
  • 2 sachets MissFitsNutrition Chocolate (MANGOANDBLISS20 FOR 20% discount) (REPLACE with 2 cups flour if you do not want or have chocolate protein)
  • 4 tbsp cacao powder
  • 2/3 cup almond flour
  • 1/4 coconut oil
  • 1/4 maple syrup
  • Pinch of salt
  1.  Peel and steam the sweet potatoes until soft.
  2. Add sweet potato and dates to a blender/food processor. Blend until creamy.
  3. Mix the remaining ingredients into a bowl.
  4. Add the sweet potato mixture to the bowl and stir well.
  5. Transfer mixture into a rectangular baking dish and bake for 30 minutes under 160C (fan)
Allow it to cool before cutting it…. very important! (do not skip this step, believe!)
And indulge…. !


Hope you enjoy them!
Laura xx

2017 – New Year, Better me. And you.

New Year, New me?

Not new me, but a better version of me!

Everyone is super motivated and excited when a new year begins but usually by February all that goes away.

Make sure you set REALISTIC GOALS. Too many changes at once might set you to fail. Stop smoking, read more, eat healthy, cut sugar, cut processed foods, start running, go to gym 6 days a week, might be a bit overwhelming! Believe me, I have been there.

Set a couple of goals and slowly insert a couple more later on. Let’s think of our year as a few blocks of 8-12 weeks.

I have failed year after year setting way too many goals and giving up after 2 months. Last year I have started slowly, doing BBG resistance workouts x 3 a week, and then inserting cardio by 1-2 x week during January.

Slowly cutting sugar and processed foods the next month, eating more vegetables and drinking more water.

Eventually it will all turn part of your routine.
Do not overthink, and most importantly, do NOT BEAT YOURSELF up if you fail one day. Make the next day a better one!
Now that fitness is finally part of my routine (only took 17 years) I can work on improving!

  • Work on my self-confidence! MOST IMPORTANT THING!

Talking in public is just scary, you never see me talking on snapchat or instastories, I never think my posts are good enough and I get really down if I lose followers ( I know it is crazy! but I am working on it).

Love myself more! With all my flaws and believe I CAN!

  • Get into weight training
So need to sign up to a gym first!

As much as I love BBG, I don’t feel that challenges me that much anymore. Was great to kickstart this journey, to lose body fat and tone a little. But now I want something more challenging! So need to start lifting heavier!¬†Will keep doing BBG when I can though!!

Who knows maybe a Bikini Competition on the line? (wink* wink* Indie @youleanmeup)

  • Vegan in January and maybe reduce massively animal products intake in my diet throughout the year. Going well so far.
  • Be more organised (this is a tough one for me!)
Let’s make 2017 a great one! Smash it together and improve ourselves! I am here for you and always reach out if you need motivation.
Now tell me, what is your new year’s goals??

Veganuary. Why not?

When I say I am doing a vegan diet in January most people reactions are…

“Why are you doing that?” “What for?” “That’s crazy” “Don’t think you can do it””So what are you going to eat?”

All those comments made me want to do it even more!

It is scary definitely, and I am having dreams with cheese following me around and craving tuna every day. And no poached eggs on avocado toast?

Alright, what makes a meat-lover flexible-dieter girl to try vegan?

I like animals, yes. But is not the primary reason for doing this.
I wanted a challenge, yes. Bring it on!

I am curious to see how body reacts, yes. Let’s see if helps my digestion, skin, etc .

Healthiest start of the year possible, hell yeh!

Veganuary it’s a global charity¬†that

“aims to reduce the suffering of animals by inspiring and supporting people across the globe to go vegan for the month of January”

I am excited to try new recipes and flavours and inspire others to do the same (My sister got inspired and is doing Vegetarian diet, so yay! It is something.)

We can make a difference, doesn’t matter how big or small. It’s just ONE month for now. Who knows in the future, my body and mind might feel amazing in the end! (Yeh my boyfriend is worried ahah)

You can support by donating whatever you can to this cause. Money will be donated to Veganuary (50%) and animal sanctuaries (50%).

Donate HERE!

I got loads of inspiration on Veganuary website and the yummiest Vegan accounts on Instagram (massive shoutout to @underwater_vegan!)

I managed to plan the whole month’s food and I am sharing that with you below. I hate cooking every day so I usually make enough food to eat for 2-3 days.

My Meal Plan for Veganuary:


Mostly vegan already so it  will consist in porridges, avocado toasts, vegan pancakes, nana ice cream and smoothie bowls.


  • MissFitsNutrition¬†shakes (mangoandbliss20 for 20% discount)
  • Koko dairy free yogurt with bluberries
  • Aduna Moringa Bars
  • Peanut butter with apple or pear
  • Vegan protein bars, sweet potato brownies (deliciouslyella)
  • Black bean and oat cookies (deliciouslyella).


Usually not planned. More relaxed, some take-away, vegan pizzas, vegan burguers (ordered some Linda McCartney and Quorn), chickpea “tuna”sandwich, peppers/avocado/cucumber/purple cabbage sandwich, etc.

Main meals:

1st-2nd January (FREE, as in nothing planned like weekends)

3rd-6th  January


  • Potato, cauliflower and chickpea Curry with rice
  • Lentil Bolognese


  • Sweet potato, carrot, ginger and sage Soup
  • Mint, spinach and pea Soup

9th-13th January


  • Falafel, avocado, broccoli, black eyes beans, carrots, kale, sweet potato BOWL.
  • Chilli con quinoa


  • Tomato, red pepper and lentils soup
  • Butternut squash, Celery and Artichoke soup

16th-20th January


  • Tofu Curry and rice
  • Avocado, fresh tomato and garlic pasta


  • Portuguese Kale Soup (without the chorizo)
  • “Great Food” Spinach and Pines Nuts Bites with stir-fry vegetables.

23rd-27th January


  • Dhaal with spinach, asparagus and Naan bread.
  • Kale and Tomato pasta


  • Creamy Broccoli and Lemon soup
  • Miso and mushroom soup

30th-31st January


  • Vegetable Lasagna


  • Sweet potato wedges, guacamole, tofu teriyaki

Any comments are welcome! Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Did I inspire you to give it a try? Any other recipe suggestions?

I can feel 2017 will be a year of challenges! Starting with this one ūüôā


Laura xx

Why ripe bananas are best for you.


Most people go ‘Bananas’ for bananas! At least I know I do.

I love bananas and they make me very happy!

I know a lot of people who can’t eat a banana if it has one dark spot! Well let me tell you, ripe bananas are actually better for you. And I am hoping this post will change your way of eating bananas.

I am not saying that green bananas are bad for you, because they also bring a few benefits like, lower sugar content, which make them a better option for people suffering with Diabetes. They are rich in a probiotic bacteria, but very low in antioxidants.

Green bananas may also leave you bloated because of the high starch content.

When bananas develop dark spots on their skin, their nutrient content changes, and the antioxidant level increases gradually.

Ripe bananas are high in a substance called TNF, Tumor Necrosis Factor, which provides strong anticancer properties and increases the power of your immune system.

Easier to digest as the starch turns into simple sugar, which is a lot easier to digest.

“The research showed that only ripe bananas provide maximum benefits. They stimulate the production of white blood cells, boost immunity and produce TNF.”

Studies also show that a diet rich in potassium reduces the risk of osteoporosis. Bananas are packed in potassium and they also contribute to increase the calcium absorption.

Experts recommend eating one to two bananas a day! I use 4 bananas to make my nana ice cream for breakfast so I am sorted ūüėČ


Bananas Maduras s√£o melhores!

Quase toda a gente adora bananas! Eu sei que adoro.

N√£o vivo sem bananas e fazem-me muito feliz!ūüėÜ

Sei que a maior parte j√° n√£o consegue comer uma banana se ja tiver demasiados manchas escuras! Deixem-me dizer-vos, bananas maduras fazem melhor √° sa√ļde. E espero que este post mude a maneira como as comes.

A bananas verdes n√£o s√£o prejudiciais, tamb√©m t√™m alguns benef√≠cios, tal como, baixo conte√ļdo de a√ß√ļcar, o que ser√° uma melhor op√ß√£o para quem sofre de diabetes. S√£o tamb√©m ricas em probi√≥ticos, mas com n√≠vel muito reduzido em antixodantes.

A bananas verdes normalmente causam inchaço e flatulência devido ao alto teor em amido.

Quando come√ßam a amadurecer desenvolvem manchas escuras na pele, o conte√ļdo nutricional muda, e o n√≠vel de antioxidantes aumenta gradualmente.

S√£o ricas numa subst√Ęncia chamada FNT, Factor de Necrose Tumoral, com fortes propriedades anti-cancer√≠genas e fortalece, consideravelmente, o sistema imunit√°rio.

A digest√£o de bananas maduras torna-se muito mais f√°cil devido √° transforma√ß√£o do amido em a√ß√ļcar simples.

“O estudo mostrou que s√≥ as bananas maduras… benef√≠cios m√°ximo. Estimulam a produ√ß√£o das c√©lulas brancas, aumentam imunidade e produzem FNT. “

Outros estudos mostram que uma dieta rica me potássio reduz o risco de osteoporose. Sendo as bananas ricas em potássio são a melhor escolha, além de que contribuem para o aumento da absorção de cálcio.

Especialistas recomendam comem 1 a 2 bananas por dia. Eu s√≥ para fazer o “nana ice cream” uso 4. Parece que estou no caminho certo ūüôā

Oaty Lemon Base


lemon base


1 cup rolled oats

1 mashed banana

1/4 tsp vanilla extract

2 tbsp lemon juice

  1. Preheat oven to 180¬ļC degrees
  2. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix well.
  3. On a cooking sheet, shape the mixture into a round shape
  4. Bake for 15 minutes

Topped with whatever you like. My topping is honey greek yoghurt with lemon zest and the hearts are yoghurt mixed with beetroot powder.
Lemon tart


Base de Aveia e Lim√£o

lemon base


1 copo aveia

1 banana esmagada

1/4 c chá de extrato de baunilha

2 c sopa de sumo de limão

  1. Liga o forno a 180¬ļC
  2. Mistura bem todos os ingredientes numa taça
  3. Transfere a mistura para tabuleiro e molda em forma de pizza.
  4. Vai ao forno durante 15 minutos

Por cima coloca o que desejares. Eu usei iogurte grego de mel e com raspa de lim√£o, os cora√ß√Ķes s√£o p√≥ de beterraba misturada com iogurte.

Lemon tart