Protein Brownies

Vegan, Gluten, dairy and refined sugar free!
If you have a sweet tooth and always need a snack nearby than this is for you!


I always struggle if I don’t have something to snack on. I end up eating crap if I fail to prepare all my meals and snacks.

This brownies are absolutely gooey heaven, perfect texture and not sickening at all ūüėČ

  • 2 medium sweet potatoes
  • 8-10 pitted dates
  • 2 sachets MissFitsNutrition Chocolate (MANGOANDBLISS20 FOR 20% discount) (REPLACE with 2 cups flour if you do not want or have chocolate protein)
  • 4 tbsp cacao powder
  • 2/3 cup almond flour
  • 1/4 coconut oil
  • 1/4 maple syrup
  • Pinch of salt
  1.  Peel and steam the sweet potatoes until soft.
  2. Add sweet potato and dates to a blender/food processor. Blend until creamy.
  3. Mix the remaining ingredients into a bowl.
  4. Add the sweet potato mixture to the bowl and stir well.
  5. Transfer mixture into a rectangular baking dish and bake for 30 minutes under 160C (fan)
Allow it to cool before cutting it…. very important! (do not skip this step, believe!)
And indulge…. !


Hope you enjoy them!
Laura xx

2017 – New Year, Better me. And you.

New Year, New me?

Not new me, but a better version of me!

Everyone is super motivated and excited when a new year begins but usually by February all that goes away.

Make sure you set REALISTIC GOALS. Too many changes at once might set you to fail. Stop smoking, read more, eat healthy, cut sugar, cut processed foods, start running, go to gym 6 days a week, might be a bit overwhelming! Believe me, I have been there.

Set a couple of goals and slowly insert a couple more later on. Let’s think of our year as a few blocks of 8-12 weeks.

I have failed year after year setting way too many goals and giving up after 2 months. Last year I have started slowly, doing BBG resistance workouts x 3 a week, and then inserting cardio by 1-2 x week during January.

Slowly cutting sugar and processed foods the next month, eating more vegetables and drinking more water.

Eventually it will all turn part of your routine.
Do not overthink, and most importantly, do NOT BEAT YOURSELF up if you fail one day. Make the next day a better one!
Now that fitness is finally part of my routine (only took 17 years) I can work on improving!

  • Work on my self-confidence! MOST IMPORTANT THING!

Talking in public is just scary, you never see me talking on snapchat or instastories, I never think my posts are good enough and I get really down if I lose followers ( I know it is crazy! but I am working on it).

Love myself more! With all my flaws and believe I CAN!

  • Get into weight training
So need to sign up to a gym first!

As much as I love BBG, I don’t feel that challenges me that much anymore. Was great to kickstart this journey, to lose body fat and tone a little. But now I want something more challenging! So need to start lifting heavier!¬†Will keep doing BBG when I can though!!

Who knows maybe a Bikini Competition on the line? (wink* wink* Indie @youleanmeup)

  • Vegan in January and maybe reduce massively animal products intake in my diet throughout the year. Going well so far.
  • Be more organised (this is a tough one for me!)
Let’s make 2017 a great one! Smash it together and improve ourselves! I am here for you and always reach out if you need motivation.
Now tell me, what is your new year’s goals??

The Benefits of a Morning Workout


The alarm goes off and you just want to hit that snooze button. Don’t! You will thank me later.

The brain takes about 1 hour to be fully functional, by that time your workout is done.

Anyone who knows me for a while, knows that I never ever in my life woke up to work out. No way. I loved my sleep too much. And I still do, don’t get me wrong, but just had to create a routine in order to achieve my goal (8+ hours of sleep are not negotiable). Going to bed earlier and leaving my workout clothes and water bottle ready to go!

Working out in the morning was a huge achievement for me and I am so proud.

So what are you waiting for? I can give few good reasons to motivate you:

Most sucessful people are known to exercise in the morning.

There is nothing better than workout as soon as you wake up. If you are going to do it then just get it out of the way.

You will feel full of energy and with the whole day still ahead of you. I promise you will be way more productive.

Your breakfast (and shower) will taste even better because you feel like you have earned it! Your metabolism will be increased all day long.

The gym is usually almost empty so you don’t feel uncomfortable, or annoyed because there is no free treadmill.

You can go out after work, do some shopping, or a dinner date, without feeling guilty to miss the gym.

And my favourite reason is, the amazing feeling of getting home after work and just relax on the sofa.

Just get up and do it!



Os Benefícios do Exercício Matinal

O porquê de fazer exercício de manhã.

O despertador toca e s√≥ queremos mais 5, e mais 15, e mais 20 minutos.  N√£o fa√ßas! Agradece-me depois.

O nosso cérebro demora cerca de 1 hora para acordar completamente, por essa altura já tens o exercício acabado.

Quem me conhece h√° algum tempo, sabe bem que nunca, jamais, acordei para fazer exerc√≠cio. Nem pensar. Sempre adorei dormir. E ainda adoro, sem d√ļvida, mas criei uma rotina de modo a atingir esse objectivo (8 horas de sono, no m√≠nimo, indispens√°veis). Ir dormir mais cedo e preparar a roupa de gin√°sio e garrafa de √°gua pronta a sair.

Fazer exercício de manhã foi um grande progresso para mim e sinto-me orgulhosa.

Portanto do que est√°s √† espera? Posso alinhar algumas raz√Ķes para te motivar:

A maior parte das pessoas com sucesso fazem exercício de manhã.

N√£o existe melhor sentimento que exercitar de manh√£. √Č j√° que tens que fazer, mais vale acabar logo.

O teu nível de energia vai estar no pico e ainda tens o dia todo pela frente. Vai ser muito mais produtivo, prometo.

O pequeno-almoço (e duche) vai saber ainda melhor porque vais sentir que fizeste algo para o merecer! O teu metabolismo vai estar acelerando o dia todo.

O gin√°sio vai estar praticamente vazio e podes evitar olhares desconfortantes, ou n√£o haver uma passadeira livre.

Ficas livre para sair depois do trabalho, fazer compras ou jantar fora, sem te sentires de consciência pesada por faltares ao ginásio.

E a minha razão favorita, é a sensação de puder chegar a casa estafada do trabalho e simplesmente relaxar no sofá.

Acorda e vai!