What I eat in a day

The question I get asked more often… “What do you eat?”

I simply pick wholefoods, the less processed possible and refined sugar free. Simples!

Just please do not copy my diet or any other diet. I am posting this for inspiration and information only 🙂


My breakfast is pretty much out there! My instagram is basically just breakfast photos. So not secret there…

So let’s break it down my usual day, working a 9:30am – 5:30pm shift.

8:00 am

Most common breakfast is Zoats (porridge and courgette) usually topped with nut butters, fruit, chocolate, protein bars, etc. Depending on my mood on that day.

11:30 am

Snacking on 2 rice cakes with any nut butter (cashew, peanut, almond…)


1/1:30 pm

Lunch is usually protein, vegetables and good carbs.

An example is this Chicken Fajitas. Grilled chicken and Peppers, spinach, cottage cheese with chive and seeded tortillas.


4:30 pm

Time for more snacking…

Usually greek yogurt with maple syrup and blueberries, or greek yogurt mixed with protein powder. Yummm!


7:00 pm

Workout time where I drink my BCAA’s that I love and a protein shake afterwards.

9:00 pm

Dinner time!

Usually just a big bowl of soup! Because it is quick and easy to make batches for the week and is also very near to bedtime 🙂

But sometimes I experiment with something else when I am bored of soup ahah.

An example is this Sweet Potato Turkey cottage pie!


10:00 pm Bed time!

I do not count calories or macros, I try to have a balanced diet by eating loads of colours and wholesome food! Basically staying away of refined sugar and processed foods. Is that simple!

I am very disciplined during the week, on the other hand on weekends I do let my hair down and I have a more flexible diet.

It works for me, you just need to find what works for you and makes your body and mind happy!

Any questions you have please feel free to send me a message.


Laura xx





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